About Us

All of the casseroles you see on this site are lovingly hand-made by Kim Fogle, who has dreamed of having a business that allowed her to share her passion for cooking for people like you. This dream became a reality about four years after meeting her husband David. The couple live on a farm in Western Daviess County, and have built the business on rural principles one typically wouldn’t find in the fast food world we live in today. For example, each casserole is hand made fresh after your order is placed with only the most wholesome and freshest of ingredients, such as whole chicken breasts and fresh broccoli. Because they’re made fresh, Kim has no reason to add preservatives. Since you will be baking the casserole in your oven for thirty minutes when you get home, there’s no food sitting under a heat lamp waiting for a paper bag at the drive thru. Although many of the recipes are Kim’s own creations, some have been family treasures for years passed down from mothers and grandmothers.


 Kim's Story

As a single parent of two, Kim worked for several years in the restaurant business as she attended nursing school. After graduation, she met David whom she married in 2013.  As an RN, she worked with children with special needs through Daviess County Public School system. Kim loved working with children as much as she loves to cook, but decided to go “all in” with her new business in October 2015.  She and David consider themselves very blessed.

David was born and raised in Western Daviess County. Prior to starting Computer Dave's, a computer repair business, in 2007, David was involved with the mental health field and helped special needs children with psychiatric disorders. A single father of two daughters, David met his wife Kim when she presented her daughters laptop at his shop for repair in 2011. The couple attend River City Church in Owensboro. They enjoy working together outside on their property, travel and antiques.

About You

You deserve a hot, homemade meal. Although circumstances occasionally force us to, God didn’t intend for you to be enslaved to a life eating processed food from a paper sack. Sit down with your friends and family, get out the plates and the silverware and share a hot, wholesome meal. Talk about your day, share stories from the past and laugh. Kim hopes that by her providing a homemade meal, that you’ll spend more of this cherished time focusing on what’s important. She feels blessed to serve in this way.

Thank you for allowing Kim to create a home cooked meal for you and your family.


Special Thanks

To our Heaven Father, who always makes good on His promises.
Aubrey Nehring – For providing.
John & Becky Trout - The wisdom and guidance we needed.
Jeff & Ashley Sorce – For unselfishly sharing.
Max & Pat Long - For their guidance and revelation.
Clyde & Mary Fogle – For your unwavering support and unconditional love.
Dorothy Carpenter – For doing all of things that we’re not capable of doing ourselves.
Cindy Tong – For unselfishly sharing your wisdom.
Jamie Fulcher of Sign Pro’s – Graphic Design
Craig O'Bryan - Graphic Design

Shane Armstrong, Ed.D- For helping us to say what we wanted to say.


Rhonda and Sheri - For believing