Cheesylicious Chicken Casserole

$ 17.99

Everyone loves the Cheesylicious! A recipe passed down by David’s Mom, this casserole is created with only the freshest ingredients: whole chicken breasts pulled apart by hand and mixed with spaghetti noodles right from the pot.  Then it’s smothered with my special creamy cheese sauce and succulent noodles. Finally, it’s topped with crumbled crackers and real butter. After the Cheesylicious has baked in your oven for 30 minutes, it debuts piping hot with the tender moist chicken entangled with spaghetti noodles and bubbling with an abundance of flowing cheese. The topping gives a hint of crunch that plays nicely with this wholesome, filling meal.

The medium feeds two to three. The large eight to ten. Leftovers reheat well, and taste just as if fresh from the oven.

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