Owensboro's Newest Take & Bake Thriving September 05, 2016 17:16

On November 11th, 2015 my beautiful wife opened her business, Kim’s Casseroles located next to Computer Dave PC Repair, where I work.  Every day she creates homemade food using only the freshest ingredients, without additives or preservatives, and makes them available for you to purchase at her 400 Salem Drive location. We feel very blessed, as it’s gone over very well. She has sold over one thousand since then.

During the day she is at her kitchen on the East side of town. Since we live out in the West side of the county, each day she drops by 400 Salem Drive on her way home and unloads the freshly made food into refrigeration for you to have that day or the next. A small portion is set aside to be frozen immediately. That way when you thaw it out, it will be as fresh as possible. You can have it either way, fresh or frozen.

One week she was running a little behind and was working on a Saturday to catch up. I volunteered to help out after I closed shop, not truly understanding what I was getting myself into. Kim has this amazing fresh bread with garlic butter cheese spread. Part of my assignment was to make the spread. On my drive to the kitchen

I’m thinking of how she’s probably got all of these tools and simple methods, like just dumping a lot of butter into a mixer. Wrong. She uses 100% real butter. Each stick is individually unwrapped. There are two different Italian cheeses and garlic, each portion of which must be weighed. Then it’s blended together in a bowl with a spatula. Like, by hand. It’s like paddling a boat across a lake with a Popsicle stick. I made 28 containers. 

You buy two loaves of bread that are already sliced down the middle, open them up and liberally lather each piece with the spread. When we are at home I’ve watched Kim place the bread in the oven for a few minutes until the edges get tan and the spread gets bubbly. I can eat three pieces myself, it’s that good.

Kim and I feel so fortunate that everyday people call us asking how the process of ordering a freshly made casserole works. You’d be surprised at how many of our customer’s just stop by our 400 Salem Drive location and pick up whatever they want to take home for lunch, dinner or breakfast the next morning. Unless we’ve sold out of a particular variety, just about everything on the menu is available all the time. Some people prefer to call. When you do, we’ll just put your name on it and you can stop by and pick it up.

Visit us and see the menu in person. Or better yet go online at www.kimscasseroles.com and see the full menu. If you’re comfortable with it, you may place an order and pay for it online. Your name will be placed on your homemade meal immediately. That way if, by chance, you picked the last one, you’ll be assured it will be waiting for you. You can even specify to have your casserole picked up on a future day of your choice.