Owensboro Take & Bake Food Just Got Better! October 30, 2016 17:21

Have you ever been in the center of a huge crowd and thought it would take forever just to get to one of the many attractions that you were there to see? That’s what it felt like when Kim and I attended a Food Show recently, far from home. There were tons of people, swarming around, shoulder to shoulder, sampling every imaginable food you can Kim and David at the food show. What a crowd!think of.  I shuffled behind Kim with my hand on her shoulder as she worked her way through the maze of people. I’m pretty sure some lady tried to get my wallet since there’s no other explanation for anyone willingly wanting to grab at the backside of a creepy old computer guy with five identical pens in his front pocket. She wasn’t grabbing for a pen, that’s for sure. If you’ve been to Sam’s, it’s like that but on steroids. There are thousands of samples. I’m nibbling on things Kim can’t even offer, like brisket and some kind of fancy shrimp thing on a stick. But we were there for a rare opportunity for Kim to mingle with several culinary experts in their respective field and seek first hand advice on piecing together new entrée’s for her fall menu. And believe me, that’s exactly what happened.

Kim has come up with this Chicken & Dumpling Soup that’s absolutely amazing. Honestly, I wasn’t a soup guy at all, but this is better than anything you or I have ever tried. It’s difficult to put into words, but there are chunks of tender white and dark chicken in a seasoned broth with soft, delectable dumplings that just bring it all together. Every last person in our taste testing group says it’s a homerun.

Let me explain that my mom was a country meat and potatoes kind of cook. Growing up in rural Western Daviess County, I was convinced I was abused since we were surrounded with fresh vegetables she and dad grew in our garden, instead of this new pizza that everyone else got delivered to their door. And even worse, she “canned” these vegetables so that the torture continued throughout the winter. Of course I realize now what a complete blessing it was to grow up with healthy, fresh homemade food. And more importantly, our Heavenly Father placed me in the care of the best parents on the planet.

I guess that’s why I appreciate the Chicken Pot Pie Kim created after consulting with some experts in dough. She makes it with fresh vegetables, a creamy sauce and two layers of flakey crust. Oh yeah, you just read that right. One flakey layer on the bottom and one flakey layer covering the top. Though we’ve received rave reviews, Kim felt especially touched when one of our older customers told her “that’s better than what my grandmother made”.

And there are many other entrée’s to choose from. Here’s how simple it works. Every weekday Kim is in her kitchen on the East side of town (which has received all A+ certifications this past year) creating fresh, homemade food. Since we live on the West side of the county, every afternoon she stops by 400 Salem Drive and unloads all of her goodies into refrigeration. People like you are constantly stopping by and just picking out whatever they want. You can look at the menu online at www.kimscasseroles.com, and if you’re comfortable with it, you may place your order online. Or, after looking at the menu just call Kim at (270) 485-8474 and say “I want that for dinner tonight”. Kim will be adding some Thanksgiving side items, so check the menu on the website frequently. Like us on Facebook and get instant notifications.

So why do you pick it up and bake at home for 30 minutes? Because we know when that homemade meal emerges from your oven it’s going to be at its absolute peak of deliciousness. Unlike the pizza that would have taken 90 minutes to show up at my parents’ house.

Do yourself a favor and order in advance for Thanksgiving. When you complete your order online there’s an opportunity for you to specify the date you would like to pick it up; or just call Kim.