There's something supporting the whole business, that nobody sees. January 20, 2016 18:30

There was a older lady that showed up one day at the Salem Drive location, where you would pick up a freshly made casserole that Kim has created.  I introduced myself as Kim's husband, David, and began to show her the menu.  She mentioned reading the recently published article in the local newspaper and asked how it was possible for Kim to create so many fresh casseroles in one day.  And of course, I told her something that I am about to share with you.  It's an unintentional secret.  And it's time for the truth. As a business owner myself for several years, I've come to recognize that businesses have several determining factors that keep them operational.  Think of these factors as pillars in a building that keep them structurally sound.  If you were to remove one of those pillars without immediately replacing them, things become unstable.  In Kim's business there's a pillar that no body sees, that holds an immense amount of weight that we couldn't do without.  It's my Mom, Mary Fogle.  She arrives unselfishly almost everyday to help Kim in herKim and Mary Fog;e kitchen create tons of fresh casseroles.  She's arrived as early as 5:30 A.M. to help us with catering events.  She drops what she is doing during the day and rushes casseroles to Salem Drive for customers who are counting on them being there at a certain time.  In the rain, in the cold, in the snow, doesn't matter.  My Mom told Kim early on in our relationship that she thought of her as her own daughter.  From day one, Mom has been there providing unconditional support and encouragement.  I guess everyone feels this way about their mothers, but to Kim and myself, my Mom is one of the most decent, caring and nurturing people on the planet.  Our love for her cannot be communicated with words alone.  It just occurred to me that day when the customer asked me how this level of production was possible for Kim, that I needed to somehow reveal the truth.  The truth being that there's no way possible that we could take on this endeavor without her.  She is so much more than just a pillar of Kim's business.  She's a pillar in our lives.  We love you so much Mom.  Little known fact: One of the recipes that Kim creates continuously for her customers, The Cheesylicious Chicken Casserole was one that Mom made throughout my childhood for myself and my two sisters.