Another very satisfied crowd, lots of positive feedback. December 05, 2015 11:14

Here are some casserole muffins that just made their appearance from the oven with the assistance on Kim Fogle (right) and Mary Fogle (left). Six are a just the muffin variant of Kim's Breakfast Casserole and the remaining six are a spinach and egg casserole. The pan to the right is a delectable cinnamon roll casserole (yum!) all lovingly prepared for a crowd of about 20. Great reviews were received from all.

Funny thing about the kitchen, there’s all of this super modern equipment.  For example, there’s a tall convectional oven that has several shelves inside it.  But Kim prefers to use the old fashion gas stove you see in this picture.  I suppose ultimately it’s up to the cook, and the food turns out amazing!